Custom Tuning

For years Etuners Motorsport offers experience in tuning cars from European vehicles Audi and VW proven to have the fastest cars tuned in in house by Etuners Motorsports in Australia.

This knowledge of the in-house engineers covers not only the engine technology but also body parts, wheels, suspension and interior parts.

Possible as well are unique pieces that are developed on the customers‘ wishes, every Etuners Motorsport customer can rejoice over a well-engineered product in the highest possible quality

Tuning out a number of issues will result in smoother power, optimised performance, and better reliability. However, there is a trade-off to custom tuning: Custom tuning requires logging and repairing mechanical defects (if found), then log and fine-tune the ECU (Engine Control Unit) until optimal results are achieved.

Etuners Motorsport is the only tuning company that has been using its years of very successful Motorsport experiences to optimise its engines. Its products are extensively tested on both the dyno and on public roads.