Service & Repairs

Our service procedures follow strict manufacturer’s guidelines, using genuine factory parts and lubricants to ensure a healthy vehicle is maintained. We guarantee the highest of workmanship via our service stamp of approval, so your new car warranty is unaffected.

Carrying out minor and major repairs, including timing belt and water pump replacements, engine rebuilds, cylinder head reconditioning, gearbox repairs and much more.

We recommend a service interval of 10,000km or one year for your car, which is ideal for the hot, humid and highly urban driving conditions. Customers whose cars are exposed to particularly harsh driving conditions frequently replace their engine oil and filter at 5,000 or 7,500km.

The work done at each servicing session depends on your car’s mileage.

  • Servicing and repairs to all VAG vehicles
  • Full diagnostics for all VAG vehicles at dealer level
  • Tyres, brakes, exhausts
  • Mechanical fault finding and repairs
  • Electrical fault finding and repairs
  • Diagnostic, servicing and repairs to all other makes and models

Important Notes

  • Full diagnostics services are only available at specialised Audi service centres (such as Etuners Motorsports) because very expensive special tools and specialist technicians are required.
  • Lubricants and especially engine oils used for all Audi/BMW/Mercedes/Volkswagen cars, especially turbocharged and supercharged cars, must be approved by the manufacturer. Many popular engine and gearbox oil brands ARE NOT approved for use by the manufacturer and will damage your car in the long run.
  • If it has been more than 12 months since your last service, you must service your car even if the mileage is low. This is critical to protect your engine and other mechanical parts.
  • If you have just purchased a used car and do not have a verifiable service history, always assume the previous owner did not service the car before selling it.

If you have any questions, speak to our Service Team at Etuners Motorsport.